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I better be back soon and make post more often.

How I love Heather Mulder’s line and designs.  I cant wait for her new line to come out, looks like sometimes in early spring???  Anyway, I loved the design of her quilt using the new line of fabric: http://ankastreasures.wordpress.com/2011/02/09/3432/.  I would assume that pattern will be available in books or single packet in future.  I just HAVE TO try and make those blocks which will be perfect for my king bed as we are in need of second king sized quilt in bright cherry color.  I did the math and figures.  I did make similar recantage blocks for my other project so I did math and cut them then post on my quilt felt wall to see how it turn out.  It turns out great!!! I need to make 15 more similar blocks but different variety of fabrics from blossom line by Bonnie and Camille.  Let me show you the picture of my experiemental block

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Please dont ask me for the measurement or size of that block because I would assume Heather may make it available in her online store and I really believe her books or pattern packs have better quality of direction and all.  I will not hint or anything of what size of this pattern.  I want to respect Heather for all her hard work into her project with love and passion. She also have some books/patterns available for sale online:  http://ankastreasures.wordpress.com/single-patterns/

I love two of her patterns, I will have to buy very soon:

Diamond Diva

Sweet Pea

Thank you to those fabric designers and patterns writers for inspiration and their hard work.  Or I will still be stuck in acient quilt days…


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This is also a belated Valentine gift to my husband Brad, eventhough he had watched the quilt work in progress.  He loved the choices of colors and design of pattern.  This pattern can be found in the book “Simplify- Quilts for the Modern Home” by Camille Roskelley.  It can be purchased online for 19.95, click here.  I LOVE this book!!! so clear n simple!!! Her fabrics are very addicting!  I cant wait for Ruby line to come in my favorite quilt shop.

For Brad’ quilt, I used Moda’s Sweetwater “Pure” – It has perfect combo of love and mascline (because of colors). 

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Sorry the pictures are not that wonderful, I used my iPhone instead of Nikon because I had my iPhone in my hand and just snap them and post them.  I just dont feel like to dig for my Nikon, recharge and all.  Been a little long while since the last post.

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I need to apologize to my aunts, I am supposed to send those table toppers to them before Valentine so they can enjoy them in their home.  But they will be in the mail along with handmade cards.  Oh I love to create things, not just quilting…

Those toppers were divided into four parts from the pierced stripped quilt as shown in last post.  I hope my aunts will know I still love them and they will use them years to come.

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