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I am going to make at least 3 table runner in Valentine theme, similar ones to the pictures at this link (from my blog about 2 years ago): https://holtgallery.wordpress.com/2008/12/28/my-new-work-horse/

I have started making them and hope I will finish them in time to sell them before Valentine’s day. 

Picture is showing work in progress


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So Behind!!!

Thankful, not on my sewing projects… I am so behind on blogging, been a month since the last post.  I hope to get better with doing blogs.  I have been sewing few stuffs recently… Made about 4 large scale quilt, 3 small scale quilt and other sewing in amid of my large gardening project.  It is supposed to be a feastful for our family, only if we have a successful growth and harvesting.  We are doing square foot gardening (google it up if you are curious).  Anyway, one of four large scale quilt I am so happy to complete… a king size filled of Amy Bulter’s fabrics and pattern of quilt is turning twenty.  Here is a couple of pics…

Top and a photo for close up.

king top

king quilt top close up


It is backing… used some leftovers to make strip.  I love it.  I have two ways to use that quilt.

king size backing

They went to eagle mountain quilting – a professional longarm quilter to quilt it.  It just came back gorgeous, more than what was shown in picture.  It is now on my bed and I sew to bind it together at night time while Im in bed, maybe take me 15 min per segment… maybe take about 8 or 9 segments before it is fully done.

I also have other large lap quilt in machine quilt shop.  One other quilt to hand tie together – it is a school quilt, I will need to take a picture and post on this blog shortly. 

Have a nice Memorial Weekend!

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I am joining the quilt festival, check it out http://parkcitygirl.blogspot.com/search/label/Bloggers%20Quilt%20Festival

This is my favorite quilt so far… it is coin quilt… I loved how the color and coordination turned out and it is quick way to make this small quilt…

It has been posted on this blog earlier, so I am going to link it… click here

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I am excited I have found a group who working toward using up scraps in their stash….


I am going to get this started… sew mana sew blog  is a good place to get some ideas that you can use up your scraps

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We are the neighbors who look out for eachother, lift eachother and serve eachother.  The family across street are the neighbor you would love to have!  We had about 8 inches of new snow.  He plowed our drive way without asking! 

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I am trying to get my fabrics in order so I can easily find them.  I finally did one part, the dresser.  I have two or three totes to unpack and organize them in which I can find them quickly or to check to see if I have that fabric or not.

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I did that block over a year ago at a quilting class.  I found it in my “unfinished” projects box before I had surgery.  I was trying to find anything that I can do while my recovery time.  I sew to bind it around (I did that with many other small quilts such as table runners and pan holders) before my surgery.  It was a fun to make crazy quilt.  Batik fabrics will do wonders for crazy quilt.  I will post the photo tutorial (step by step) sometimes in 2009 with some files to download.  It will make a great wall decor, table topper, pan holder or many wild ideas to do with it.


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