Upload pics on my post for couple of weeks.  I need to get my husband to figure out why…

So far, I have been browsing some quilters’ blogs and do some sewing in between my efforts to post pics…

I am sooo thrilled to find a post how to do straight line for machine quilting because I have some uneven feed on couple quilts and wondered how those quilters’ quilts look so perfect and even… now I found out how, here is the link:


I am going to explore and see I have a happy result with my straight line machine quilting.  Gotta run and get some painters’ tape.


This URL will go to this blog.  I no longer doing webpages at www.holtgallery.com but had redirected this domain name to this blog.  My life will be more simpler and will update this blog more often.

anyway, a couple pictures to post…


Top made by my friend Laurel and I machine quilted then we donated to JMS parents community organization for auction at their annual fall festival

heres close up…


I had the neat opportunity to meet Heather Bailey at Material Girls Quilt shoppe.  Heather did some demonstration of her new hair product “Trash Ties” – take look at her blog and you will find more information about Trash Ties.  I love those because it really works well on my daughter’s hair.  Her hair doesnt hold the rubber bands well.


Just top ready to be reviewed by Wendy, Professional Long arm quilter from Eagle Mountain quilting… you will have to have her do machine quilts for you.  All quilts I had her quilted are gorgeous and well pleased with quality of sewing…

Wendy, what you would suggest what kind of design for that top?

DSCN6130Close up to see fabrics better…


DSCN6134An improtu project… our panacke electric grill need a cover to protect dust to linger on the surface of the girll. I collected some of my favorite amy bulter fabrics… left over scraps from making a king sized bed… perfect to use up the scraps…

Love those!!!t was made with some leftover blocks from other project… I thought it wd be perfect for cover…. i love the colors and composition.

Great to cover for our sectional furniture… and a great comfort for our pomeranians








Close up…









Evidence of our pomeranians’ favorite place to lounge on…



From basement to first floor small bedroom… the move had enabled me to sew more… quick commute between sew room and kitchen… I cook and sew sametime often… bad idea??? but it is more effective and give me sense of balance between cooking and sewing… 

You can see some of my stash in closet… Hope to see some dent in my fabric stock sometimes soon…DSCN6126







my sewing area… wall is all blank but I plan to fill it up with mini wall  or small scale quilts